Our Vision: One mindset. One source.

Quality craftsmanship in everything we do.

Three minds with completely different backgrounds,
born generations apart.
That’s a lot of perspective.

Source Homes was founded with a specific vision:
to create sublime spaces, from concept to construction, where people could start planting their roots.
The land team at Source Homes work together to create your space, knowing that the land has a lot to say for itself. It has plenty to offer. A house can be built on any piece of solid terrain, but the same can’t be said for creating a home.
Once you start to realize that you and the land thrive off of each other, you can start to appreciate the elements of the environment that make you feel grounded. You bring life to the land, and the land provides you with shelter, stability, warmth, and forms a space for moments to be created.
Source Homes was crafted to serve as the bridge between craftsmen and visionaries. The team listens to you describe the vision you have for your home as they draw up and refine the blueprints. They study the selected piece of land and brainstorm on a way to fuse its unique features into the specific design. From there, Source Homes sculpts a property made custom to your character and lifestyle. If you’ve discovered untouched grounds that you’d like to establish your legacy on, Source Homes will ensure that the land is developed responsibly and that the preexisting environment is treated respectfully.
To accomplish this, it requires a specific set of eyes and an even more specific set of skills.